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World Humanitarian Day 2022

World Humanitarian Day 2022 takes place on Friday, August 19th. In 2022, the theme for World Humanitarian Day will be #RealLifeHeroes. The campaign will share inspiring personal stories of the humanitarians that have been heroes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Feel free to let share stories of those who live around you and deserve such honor in the comment box below.

1 thought on “World Humanitarian Day 2022”

  1. What an organisation despite the country’s economic downtime the organisation is still reaching out to help the less privileged ones. Kudos to the initiators and I must pray that the person in form of Adewunmi Osifeso continue to grow in strenght and wisdsom I know how many times with her zeal asked me to do something may her efforts never go in vain. Keep the spirit of the organisation flying Adewunmi Osifeso it’s only you I know in the organisation. Kudos to the officials


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