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2012 – Focus on Spinal cord Injury Victims

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This year’s edition focused on reaching out to the Spinal Cord Injuries Association of Nigeria (SCIAN), Alakoso Avenue, Amuwo-Odofin (SCIAN), creating a loud awareness about you, and also involving you in social communication with the public.

So we started by making the outward appearance of the facility good and appealing by painting the gates and surrounding fence of the facility and cutting the weed & grass overgrown along the perimeter fence, introduce plant hedges.

We assisted with improving existing infrastructures at the facility:

  • Checked on the condition of and did some housekeeping in the vocational building on the premises
  • Discussed with the visiting medical team on Wednesdays a possible continuous set up of the Clinic for public patronage.
  • Met with gardeners to discuss how gardening work will be done subsequently
  • Procured and presented a lawn mower for the facility.

Also, we came up with ways to integrate the SCIAN into the community via Economic and Social Empowerment programmes:

  • Helped package and open up the residents’ products for distribution and sales
  • Opened up the vocational buildings as training centers for public patronage
  • Structured a system for managing the center.

Finally, we raised donations (cash), created a platform for better and more effective public donations.

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