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A glimpse of activities and themes from previous years of Connect Charity's Annual Special Projects

About ConnectCharity

How we help

It's simple... well not that simple though. We know there are a lot of people out there who want to give, and we also have information about those who need, so what we do is bridge that gap as much as we can. Connecting those who need to those who want to give

Our history

Our parent body, the SOP Initiative started out in 2005 as a music outreach, however, as time went, more people who were not into music volunteered to join us in our outreaches and this gave birth to a special project team to focus on these - ConnectCharity!.

Our volunteers


Here are the main members of SOP Initiative nominated into the committee to run this year's campaigns. You can view a full list of volunteers with the link below

Wunmi Osifeso

Ag. Team Lead 2019

Shina Balogun

Deputy Team Lead 2019

Segun Adeleke

WonderWomen Project Coordinator

Idowu Ogundowole

Free Solar Wifi Project Coordinator

Quick information

We simply connect those who need to those who want to give!

Though we do a lot of stuff, we still have some focus

We have been able to achieve some milestones