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Connecting the world to Charity

Simply put… we build a network of givers, get data of the needy, and connect both!

Feeling a lil' benevolent today?

Our Focuses

Disabled & Special Ones

Empowerment programs for the special ones and people with disabilities, care for their homes, and occasional fellowships with them.

Education & Skill Acquisition

Sensitization projects, Awareness programs, Soft Skill acquisition and empowerment programs and support for Education.

Feeding & Aids

FoodBox campaigns, distribution of palliatives, Bounty fairs and generally reaching out to needy.

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Who We Are

ConnectCharity®, the project arm of the SOP Initiative, is a Christian humanitarian group dedicated to engaging youths positively, adding value to the lives of the less privileged and making great impact in our communities and nation at large.

Since 2005, SOP Initiative has been involved in various causes via her ConnectCharity team. Every year, we work on a special project focus from the conceptualization to execution.

Current and Past Projects

Keep up with updates on the projects and causes we take on

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Our donation module makes it easy and safe for you to give to local projects and support high-impact projects around the world.

Partner With Us

Since 2005, SOP Inititative has helped people and corporate bodies make a difference with their giving and CSR programs via ConnectCharity.

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Ready to make a difference with us? Feel free to sign up and become a part of our team of Project coordinators around the world.

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We Need More Volunteers

ConnectCharity is the project arm of the SOP Initiative. Would you like to become a part of the SOP Initiative team?