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2017 – Blood Drive – #GiveBloodSaveLives

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To mark the UN world humanitarian day (August 19th), as part of our service to humanity, we organized a Blood-drive. We believe that every human deserves a chance to live and that by giving blood we are giving life. We worked in partnership with the Lagos state Blood transfusion service (LSBTS) for the successful actualization of this project.

The following were our goals and objectives as it relates to this project:

  1. Generate Awareness and educate the public on Voluntary Blood Donation
  2. Get 1000 Donors to Register / Book Appointment for donation and donate blood.
  3. Build database of Donors, which will include their contact details
  4. Give donors a sense of pride by awarding them with a Badge of Honor
  5. Encourage donation by getting a government authority to send a Thank you message to every Donor.
  6. Use Donor’s contact to build a scheduled reminder for future donations

Below was how we executed the plan:

  1. We drove a campaign on all social media platforms to create educative awareness on blood donation.
  2. We made publications on major online news platform.
  3. We partnered with social media influencers to register and influence their followers to register and donate.
  4. We developed a Web App for the collection of donor’s basic contact information and scheduling of appointments at designated donation centers.
  5. We developed a Mobile App to be used at donation centers to create a badge of honor for each donor and post the same on their social media handle.
  6. We got a dedicated Lagos state government social media handle to send ‘Thank you’ messages to donors. Customized SMS were also sent to the phone lines of donors.

According to blood facts, blood donation is needed every second to save the life of patients around the world. Blood donation is one of the most selfless and most significant contribution that a person can make towards the society. The scarcity of blood donors is a major challenge in our health system today. In celebration of the World Humanitarian Day 2017, we have decided to champion this noble cause as part of our service to humanity.

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