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2016 – Looking Inwards (Charity towards Us)

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In line with ConnectCharity’s main objectives, we have done a lot, connecting those who need help to those who want to give help in the past. The SCIAN rehabilitation project, the World Humanitarian Day donations, the #IGiveAChicken campaign, Beth Torrey rehabilitation, and training project, the Estate B-Zone Recreation Park construction and all are all examples of what we have been able to achieve with ConnectCharity in the past few years.

However, all these activities and campaigns have been directed at our community and its people, with less focus on members of the facilitating group – SOP initiative, who are in fact, members of this community also.

So we decided…

This year, we will be focusing back home, reaching out to our own members with the aim of improving their lives in different ways that matter to them.

How Did We Go About This

We started by outlining the demography of people in our members list in terms
of age group and gender, before further analyzing and listing issues that are
deemed peculiar to each of these groups.
Issues identified where classified into 3 major groups, namely:

  • Education/Academic Challenges
  • Relationship/Marital Challenges
  • Career/Financial Challenges

The first category is a major issue amongst the younger age group, while the
others were more popular among the older members from results gathered from
the electronic questionnaire filled by members.

What Solutions Were Proffered?

Educational/Academic Challenges: We discovered some of our members who had academics challenges especially in the area of college admission, school fees, and general counseling and support. In the area of counseling, we were able to organize an education seminar one on one counseling for everyone in need of it on the 18th of December 2016. The turn out was great and lives were impacted.  For those in need of financial support, their data are being been collated and analyzed at the moment. We got back to them as soon as we could.  

Education/Academic Challenges:

Career/ Entrepreneurship /Financial Challenges:

As part of the plan to improve careers and businesses among ourselves and the community, we were able to establish a collaboration with K.Media for Google training on the 15th of December 2016. The objective of the training was to expose careers and businesses to the benefit of social media especially in the area of advertisement, branding, etc. The turn out was encouraging. We had about 150 participants in the program and which include students, the unemployed, tailors, hairdressers, makeup artists, etc.

We also formed a Whatsapp Group strictly for Job hunting. This group has had many testimonials since then. Click here to join if you are interested.

Relationship/Marital Challenges:

We have various in place relationship seminars to address all marital challenges beginning from next year, 2017.

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