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2021 – Blood Drive – #GiveBloodSaveLives

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To commemorate the United Nations World Humanitarian Day (August 19th), and as part of our service to humanity, the SOP Initiative’s ConnectCharity Special Projects Arm once again engaged communities in Lagos in a blood drive.

We believe that every human being deserves a chance to live and that by donating blood, we are donating life. In light of this, we urged people all over the world to visit a government-approved health center or one of the centers with which we partnered through the Lagos State Blood Transfusion Committee (LSBTC) to donate blood.

The campaign ran from August 16 to August 22, 2021.

During the 6-day Blood Drive, a total of 53 persons indicated interest via our online registration form, out of which we got feedback from 7 donors upon donation.

Please feel free to share your blood donation story in the comment section below.

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