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Sow and Sew 2022

Sow and Sew

Following the success of the first edition of this charity cause, held in December 2021, with close to 200 beneficiaries recorded, we have decided to repeat it. Of course, our project goals remain the same:

  • Sow used clothes and wears (i.e. shoes, accessories etc.)
  • Sew clothes that can be given also (for those who can)

We have begun to receive neatly used clothing or clothing accessories, freshly sewed clothing, and newly purchased clothing items. We will collect them and display them online so that those in need can shop for them at NO COST.

You can donate clothing by calling 08023316365 or 08091689000.

We also accept cash donations to support the project (we always need cash to carry out these projects), as we understand that some people have the desire to give but are unable to physically participate.

God bless you as you plan to clothe a neighbor this holiday season (Matthew 25:36)

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