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AmuwoCarol 2023

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The Amuwo Odofin Community Carol Service (AmuwoCarol™ for short) is an annual charity carol concert by the SOP Initiative, put together by an interdenominational mass choir that has members from churches located in Amuwo Odofin and environs.

The group has vanguarded a fifteen-year-old charity musical concert tagged Symphony of Praise®. We believe strongly in this noble project and its positive impacts on the community.

The 2023 theme is PERFECT HARMONY (Colossians 3:14)

We hold a deep belief in God’s divine plan to weave a harmonious tapestry among His children, embracing the rich diversity of worship, ministries, and outreach within our community.

With a shared, singular mission of saving souls, we recognize that God, in His infinite wisdom, has positioned us in various locations and social strata. This diversity manifests in distinct ministries and unique approaches, all converging to guide others toward the sole path to reach Him — through Jesus.

The perfection of this diversity finds its culmination in the harmonious presence of Jesus Christ, the mastermind of the universe, gracing our world with unity and purpose.

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